BetGames launches the new user interface Casino View to all games

BetGames is well-known developer of casino games and sports betting. Their new “Casino View” user interface familiar from various games is now being extended to the entire range of games. The new interface is set to revolutionise the gaming experience. Players can choose between a classic view or the new, elegant and chip-based Casino View.

The new user interface is already familiar from the games Classic Wheel, Wheel of Fortune and Dice Duel. The introduction of Casino View is intended to improve the user experience. By choosing between two different options, players can play the way they like best: in the familiar format or in the new view. The new Casino View makes it possible to place bets more quickly. Chips are used for this, as they are known from traditional casinos. With this dual approach, the manufacturer wants to offer personalisation.

The focus is on an elegant gaming experience

Casino View is designed to offer an elegant gaming experience. Firstly, the new user interface is offered for all wheels of fortune. These have already gone live. Casino View will be integrated into other games over the next few days. The plan for the future is for the entire range of games to be equipped with it. The aim is for BetGames’ casino games to offer a refined, seamless and fast gaming experience.

Among other things, the development of a classic roulette game has also been announced. The game developer BetGames is constantly trying to expand its portfolio and responds to market trends accordingly. The development of such new games and the improvement of the existing gambling portfolio, including bonus tools, are among the other announcements made by BetGames at ICE 2024 in London.

The introduction of Casino View is intended to improve the layout of BetGames’ casino games. There are also plans to equip the live poker game Bet-on-Poker with it. By updating the user interface, players can now better immerse themselves in the game. The gaming experience will be improved with an elegant visual design and an uncomplicated game. For BetGames, the product enhancement represents another important step in making the game easier for players.

Ian Catchick, CPO at BetGames, said: “Our mission is to help our partners turn recreational bettors into players and accessibility and ease of use are crucial in this journey.”

“We have optimised response times as the feature is available from any API and allows players to place a bet with just a few clicks. Ahead of ICE 2024, one of the gaming industry’s premier events, we are excited to unveil this new user interface along with a range of new content that will help us deliver on our brand promise.”