Crazy Time Live – The Most Entertaining Game Show Ever?

Are you ready for the wildest game show ever? Crazy Time Live offers 4 exciting bonus modes, maximum winnings up to €500,000, and multipliers reaching an astonishing 20,000x your bet. Let’s delve into our thoughts, statistics, and gameplay strategies in this comprehensive review.


Provider: Evolution,

RTP (Return to Player): 96.08%


Features: Bonus Rounds, Multipliers, Re-spins


Minimum Bet: €0.10, Maximum Bet: €1,000, Maximum Win: €500,000

Introduction to Crazy Time Live: Crazy Time Live, the latest addition from Evolution, a leading live casino game software studio. This game show follows in the footsteps of successful titles like Dream Catcher and MONOPOLY Live but introduces a twist with four bonus game modes to boost your winnings.

Playing Crazy Time Live: Crazy Time Live is available on various online platforms for real money play. Unfortunately, as of now, no site offers the option to play with virtual money or demo versions.

What is Crazy Time Live? Crazy Time Live is a game show inspired by popular television quiz structures like Wheel of Fortune and, notably, The Price Is Right. Developed by the Malta-based Evolution studio, the game features a main wheel, a pair of slot machine reels above the wheel (Top Slot), and dedicated areas for four bonus games.

The game session includes the main wheel, a pair of slot machine reels above the wheel (Top Slot) and finally the special areas dedicated to the four bonus games, which we will analyse in detail below:

  • Cash Hunt
  • Pachinko
  • Coin Flip
  • Crazy Time

The wheel consists of 54 segments and each of them contains a number (1, 2, 5 or 10) that corresponds to a payout or the start of one of the above-mentioned bonus rounds.

How to play Crazy Time Live?

We have prepared a game guide on this subject. Below we explain how to place a bet, where and when to play and how each bonus round works.

In addition to the basics, we will also look at other useful information on how to win, e.g. the maximum payout of each feature, and last but not least, our tips for playing smart with a little strategy and a couple of “tricks”. Let’s get started!

How to bet or place a bet

To play, all you have to do is place a bet using the mouse cursor by clicking on the interactive menu that appears below the game window at the start of the session.

On this menu, you will find the various types of bets available, which correspond to the various coloured segments of the wheel.

The running of the game is in English, so to know when to bet, keep in mind that an announcement will appear on the screen the moment the table is declared “open” to new bets.

Basically, to get a win or even to participate in a bonus round you will have to have placed your bet on the segment corresponding to the win.

You can select from one up to all 8 available options.

Remember, however, that you can also simply watch the game show and watch the game unfold, without necessarily placing a bet on every spin.

Unfolding and outcome of the round

Once the allotted time for placing your bets is up, the announcer will spin the wheel, which will slowly come to rest on a coloured segment.

At the same time, the Top Slot (i.e. the top) will randomly generate a multiplier, which can reach a maximum of 50x.

Depending on the result of the spin, you either get a number (1, 2, 5, 10) or one of four bonus rounds.

Each spin can result in one of the following outcomes:

  • If the wheel stops on a number we have bet on then the payout will be equal to that number multiplied by your bet (e.g.: 2 x 0.20 = €0.40); if a Top Slot multiplier was won for this segment, the payout is updated accordingly.
  • If the wheel stops on a bonus segment, then the bonus game will start, but to participate you must have placed the corresponding bet (otherwise you can only watch as a spectator); the multiplier, if any, is applied at the end of the round if a win is collected.
  • If the wheel does not stop on one of the segments on which we have placed a bet, a loss occurs and you will have to wait for the next spin to resume play.

Explanation of bonus rounds in Crazy Time Live

All players can watch the bonus rounds as spectators, but only those who have placed a bet on the corresponding segment can participate and win.

According to game statistics, on average, one of the bonus rounds is unlocked every 6 spins; some are more frequent than others, as we see below.

The wheel comprises 54 segments, of which only 9 give access to one of the bonus rounds.

  • Coin Flip has 4 segments
  • Cash Hunt has 2 segments
  • Pachinko has 2 segments
  • Crazy Time has only 1 segment

Coin Flip

Coin Flip is a mini game of the heads or tails type, as well as the most frequent bonus round.

The theoretical player payback percentage (RTP) during this feature stands at 95.70%.

How does Coin Flip work?

Once unlocked, the casino attendant will activate a machine that a coin on whose faces two random multipliers have been applied, one on the blue face and the other on the coin face.

The side that is facing upwards at the end of the spin wins and will contain the multiplier of your winnings. The maximum multiplier you can get is 100x.

You can also receive a so-called Rescue Flip, a kind of surprise re-spin in which the coin is tossed again if the assigned multipliers are low.

Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt bonus round is a kind of target shoot-out, like those at funfairs.

The RTP is 95.27%.

How does Cash Hunt work?

The round features a large screen with 108 symbols covering as many random multipliers. The aim of the game is to find the highest one by selecting and hitting the symbols with the mouse.

The highest multiplier you can reveal is 500x.


The Pachinko bonus round is inspired by an infamous game of Japanese origin!

The RTP is 94.33%.

How does Pachinko work?

This round features a screen with 16 multipliers placed on it, on which a ball can drop from a randomly chosen position. The session ends when the ball lands on a multiplier.

But in addition to your bet multipliers, the ball can land on DOUBLE, which doubles all multipliers. This particular feature can be repeated until the maximum multiplier of 10,000x is reached.

You may also be awarded a Rescue Drop, a random feature that is triggered when the ball lands on a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier.

Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time is also the name of the feature that gives the game its name and is also the rarest to unlock, as well as the richest in opportunities.

This particular mode is characterised by an RTP of 94.41%.

How does Crazy Time bonus round work?

This game option consists of a wheel with as many as 64 segments, set within a lively and colourful virtual world. At the beginning of the session, three coloured triangles are shown and you are asked to select one of them from blue, yellow or green.

After you have chosen your coloured triangle, the presenter will spin the wheel. The segment that ends under the selected triangle will be your winnings.

There are 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x multipliers on the wheel as well as DOUBLE or TRIPLE sections, which have the power to double or triple all multipliers respectively, triggering a respin.

Note: respins can continue until the maximum multiplier of 20,000x is reached!

Crazy Time Live payout and winnings

As we have already mentioned, this game show boasts a potential payout of up to €500,000.

However, this astronomical sum can only be won under certain circumstances, i.e. by betting within the ‘Crazy Time’ round with the maximum bet and only by unlocking the highest multiplier.

However, you don’t necessarily have to play this bonus round to get a rich reward: some lucky players in October 2021 pocketed the incredible sum of €13,626,014 (divided among 3317 people).

Strategy and Tricks for Winning at Crazy Time

How to win? In our opinion, the best strategy at Crazy Time is to compare the game to a highly volatile slot machine, ergo, always keep an eye on your bankroll.

Having said that, another decisive trick is to always select all bonus rounds when betting.

This is one of the main tricks for playing smart… After all, this is where the most generous payouts are to be found!

Keep in mind that on average you will unlock 1 bonus round for every 6 spins; or at least this is what the game provider Evolution states according to their own game statistics.

Make sure, however, that you also place a bet on single numbers alongside this type of bet, which have a much higher frequency than the bonus rounds (so that you try to compensate for any losses).

Graphics and sound

As we know, this is a fast-paced live show, the whose varied environments are characterised by bright colours and bright colours, while cheerful and lively music accompanies the session.

The absolute highlight of the game, in terms of graphic impact, is definitely the virtual world of the ‘Crazy Time’ bonus round.

The announcer opens a door that gives access to a bizarre scenery in constant motion that may remind one of Toontown from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, with the wheel of fortune surrounded by a kind of immense Disney amusement park, where rollercoasters, penguins, airships, enchanted castles, snowy peaks and tropical beaches coexist.

Really hard not to be enraptured by this spectacle.

Similar Casino game shows to try

Crazy Time can be seen as the third episode of a trilogy produced by the Evolution brand, which began with Dream Catcher and MONOPOLY Live. These two game shows are a must for anyone who liked the setting of this game and at the same time wants to try something on the same wavelength.

Be aware, however, that you get more bonuses at this table than at the other titles, although we would like to point out that with MONOPOLY Live the RTP rises to 96.23%.

If you’d like to try something different than the classic wheel of fortune, other very interesting titles from our point of view are Sweet Bonanza Candyland and Crazy Coin Flip.

The verdict of Crazy Time review

When it comes to variety and pure entertainment, this show game fears no comparison, strong on the four bonus rounds, the frequency of which is about 1 every 6 spins according to Evolution, and a graphic layout that is impressive and full of personality to say the least.

Only the not brilliant RTP, connected to the high volatility, prevents Crazy Time from directly reaching the Olympus of game shows at the first hit, but it is impossible to deny that this game has all the numbers to impose itself as one of the most loved titles in live casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Top Slot at Crazy Time Live for?

Its purpose is to multiply any winnings when the result of the segment is aligned horizontally with the segment of the wheel you bet on; the multiplier can be as high as 50x.

How to play Crazy Time Live for free or with fun money?

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to try the game in free mode. We recommend you read our review to discover lots of useful tips and to be prepared to make the most of the experience of this game show.

What’s the maximum payout in Crazy Time Live?

The maximum payout is €500,000. This can only happen within the “Crazy Time” bonus round, wagering the maximum bet and unlocking the maximum multiplier of 20,000x.

Who invented Crazy Time and where is the studio located?

Crazy Time Live, or the funniest game show ever, is an invention of the provider Evolution, the undisputed leader in the iGaming market and famous for creating many other exciting game shows. The recording studios are mainly located in Malta.