Deal Or No Deal Live

The TV programme Deal Or No Deal turns into a live casino game show and you are the contestant: unlock the safe and then decide whether to raise the prize amount with the reload wheel. Choose your case, wait for the mystery banker’s offers and … accept or move on!


Provider: Evolution,

RTP (Return to Player): 95,42%


Features: Reloading wheel


Minimum Bet: €0.10, Maximum Bet: €1,000, Maximum Win: €500,000

Review Deal Or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal Live is a game show by Evolution for live casinos and inspired by the TV game show of the same name, which is also very famous in our country.

The aim of the game is to be able to predict whether the amount of money inside the 16 cases, each with a hidden payout from 0.10x to 500x the stake, will be higher than the bank’s offer, then decide whether to accept or refuse passing to the next stage of the show.

In this review we have included all the information you need about the rules and how Deal or No Deal Live works and what strategy to adopt, as well as a list of safe and reliable Italian online casinos where you can find this game. Let’s get on with it!

What is Deal or No Deal Live?

As I already mentioned at the beginning, Deal or No Deal Live is a game by Evolution that adapts the TV show to the interactive context of the live casino.

Instead of the 20 boxes of the TV show, on Deal or No Deal Live you have at your disposal 16 cases all identical to each other, each containing a cash prize.

What remains unchanged are the spirit and operation of the game: the contestant, or rather the player must choose whether to settle for a certain amount of cash or take the risk and compete for a potentially higher prize, with the hope of reaching the maximum winnings, a 500x multiplier!

How to play Deal or No Deal Live

The Deal or No Deal Live game session is divided into three parts, each characterised differently.

The first two stages of the qualification process are followed (after the cases have been refilled) by the actual live game.

  • The safe
  • The reload wheel
  • The Game

You have 2 minutes in all to complete the qualification process, which includes two games with RNG mechanism, i.e. played against the computer: the safe and the wheel.

The safe

During this first phase you can spin as many times as you like: if you fail to qualify in time, you will automatically be offered qualification for the next round.

First you have to spin the wheel of a three-roll safe and align the gold segments in the upper sector of the wheel.

This mechanism serves to unlock the vault door and allows players to participate in the actual show.

Each spin costs the amount of the chosen wager: remember that your wager will affect the value of the cases you will find later in the main game and the amount of the related jackpot, which ranges from 75x to 500x the base bet!

To increase your chances of qualifying for the game show you can also decide to buy one or two segments, which are then locked on the wheel, by selecting Easy or Very Easy in the settings.

In the first case the spin costs 3x the base bet, in the second case 9x.

The Reload Wheel

Once the safe game is completed, the reload wheel appears on the screen.

In this second and final stage of the qualifying process you have the opportunity, with one spin, to increase the amount of money in any of the safes, up to 50 times your bet!

The live game

Approaching the main game, we find ourselves in front of 16 sealed and identical briefcases, one of which is assigned to the player.

Each numbered briefcase contains a different amount of money: these are the various possible prizes that are always shown to us on the sides of the screen.

The presenter’s assistant then gradually opens a predetermined number of briefcases, each time revealing the numbers of the briefcases and the amount of money they contain: once a briefcase is opened, it is excluded from the continuation of the game.

Each stage of opening the briefcases is followed by the offer of the mystery banker, who offers a winning amount in exchange for what might be contained in the player’s briefcase.

In total, you will receive up to four offers, the last one at the point when only two briefcases remain in play.

At that point, you will have three options to complete the game:

  • Keep the briefcase that has been assigned to you since the start of the game.
  • Accept the banker’s final offer and collect the proposed sum.
  • Choose to exchange your briefcase for the remaining one, in the hope that the latter will reveal the higher-value prize.

Immediately afterwards a message will appear on the screen with your winnings from the game show, then you will be returned to the qualifying round for the start of a new round.

Payout of Deal or No Deal Live

The payouts of Deal or No Deal Live cases start at a 0.10x multiplier and go all the way up to the highest multiplier of between 75x and 500x.

Maximum winnings and RTP

Doing the due calculations, the maximum payout in Deal or No Deal Live is at best €500,000, on the line of all other popular game shows.

The Return to Player Percentage (RTP), on the other hand, stands at 95.42%, although much will depend on the route you choose during the various stages of the game.

Strategy for Deal or No Deal Live

The best strategy for long-term gain on Deal or No Deal Live is to accept the dealer’s offer whenever you are in profit.

Keep in mind that the live session and the qualification process both last 2 minutes: unlike the televised package game that lasts about 40 minutes, the pace here is much more hectic and all in all worth taking advantage of.

In this way you will play more cautiously and not risk in the hope of a higher payout, as you can always move on to the next round in a few minutes.

Deal or No Deal Live is not tied to particular times, but remains on the schedule 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Graphics and Sound

The studio designed by Evolution reproduces all the original elements of the TV programme in HD streaming.

The contestant’s briefcase is on the table in the foreground, next to the game show host and the direct line to the banker.

The other 15 briefcases, arranged in two neat rows, and the presenter’s assistant are right behind.

And finally, the silhouette of the mystery banker can be glimpsed in the background.

The graphics of the previous two RNG stages are also of the highest quality: the three-reel bank vault is worthy of a state-of-the-art slot machine, while the reload round features a very realistic wheel of fortune.

Similar Live Casino game shows

Deal or No Deal Live is a live casino game show inspired by a successful television format.

You can find similar features in MONOPOLY Live and Dream Catcher, two other flagship titles from the provider Evolution.

If you like dice and want a slightly different experience, I also recommend checking out Boom City, one of Pragmatic Play’s most successful live games.

Deal or No Deal Live Conclusion

Deal or No Deal Live has on its side the appeal of a very popular programme with an easily recognisable format.

In the transition to the live casino world the game naturally loses something in building the climax in favour of rhythm and interactivity.

Suspense and the chance to win big prizes kept hidden in briefcases are the main attractions during the show, where one even enjoys just evaluating the offers that come in from the mysterious banker.

In summary, we are looking at yet another revolutionary title from Evolution and another unique product that has redefined live casino entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages the game and the streaming of Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live was developed by the well-known software house Evolution, which specialises in live casino games, in partnership with Endemol Shine, which owns the rights to the TV show. The casino game is streamed live from Evolution’s dedicated studios.

Can I play Deal or No Deal Live from my mobile device?

Yes, you can play Deal or No Deal Live on any smartphone or tablet via the browser version optimised for mobile devices or through the operators’ native apps, developed for both Android and iOS systems.

Where can I play Deal or No Deal Live?

This game show is present in the live games catalogue of most of the major online casinos.

What are the maximum prizes I can win at Deal or No Deal Live?

The maximum prize a player can win during a game of Deal or No Deal Live depends on the bet placed and the briefcase he possesses. The maximum possible payout during the game is €500,000.