Evolution’s Instant Super Sic Bo is Now Live!

Sic Bo, a popular dice game by Evolution, is now available in various live casino versions. With Instant Super Sic Bo, results are faster.

With the new Instant Super Sic Bo variant from Evolution, you’re always ready to place a bet. To join the game, simply click the “Play Now” button and get the result within seconds. This has expanded the classic Chinese dice game, played with three dice, into a quick and captivating version.

You play with random multipliers of up to 1000x, assigned to random bet areas during the dice shake. With this new approach, Instant Super Sic Bo focuses on players who want to dive quickly into live play.

How to Play Instant Super Sic Bo by Evolution

Evolution’s classic 3-dice game, Instant Super Sic Bo, introduces a new approach to the traditional dice game, focusing on player readiness. With the Autoplay feature, you can achieve immediate results. Play multiple rounds in a row by selecting how many rounds you want to participate in beforehand. The new dice variant offers various bet types and unlimited betting time. You can choose from different bet types, such as Small/Big, Even/Odd, Total, the numerical value of one or more dice, and many other possible dice combinations.

Each time you roll the dice, random multipliers of up to 1000x can be assigned to specific bet areas. Now, place your bet on a winning spot with a multiplier, and your winnings will be multiplied accordingly. The game has an RTP of 97.22%, with a minimum bet of €0.20 and a maximum of €2500. Instant Super Sic Bo is available for desktop and mobile devices.

The game rules follow the original version, but the difference lies in the studio specially designed for Instant Super Sic Bo, which is modern and decorated with Chinese elements. Classic Sic Bo betting options are available, but they can be enhanced by multipliers. Each bet type has its own payout rate.

Here’s a detailed description of the options:

  • Small/Big: Bet on whether the sum of the three dice is small (4–10) or big (11–17). These bets lose on a triple.
  • Even/Odd: Bet on whether the sum of the three dice is even or odd. Again, these bets lose on a triple.
  • Total: Place your bet on one of the 14 bet areas marked 4–17, representing the sum of the three dice. Excluded are 3 and 18. If the sum matches the total you bet on, you win.
  • Single: Place your bet on one of the six areas marked One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six. These represent the eyes of a die. If at least one of the three dice shows the number you bet on, you win. The more dice with the number, the higher your win.
  • Double: The betting areas correspond to those of “Single” but are marked as double. To win, at least two of the three dice must show the same number. The payout remains the same if all three dice show the number.
  • Triple: There are six bet areas on the table marked “Triple.” You win if all three dice match your chosen number.
  • Any Triple: In this bet type, you can cover all six Triple bets. To win, all your dice must show the same number.
  • Combination: You can place your bet on up to 15 possible combinations with two dice.