Imagine Live Unveils ‘Robin The Fair’ Game Show

Get ready to dive into the excitement because Imagine Live just dropped their latest game show, “Robin The Fair.” Inspired by the legendary Robin Hood, this game is all about adventure and good vibes.

In “Robin The Fair,” contestants embark on a wild journey where they gotta make some tough calls. It’s a card-based game with seven rows, each row holding two cards. The goal? Pick the higher card in each row and keep climbing the ladder.

What’s cool about this game is how it hooks you in with its unique logic. Imagine Live spilled the beans at ICE London 2024, boasting about how players get sucked into the action, climbing higher and chasing those big wins.

Now, let’s break down the highlights:

  • The Robin Hood Concept: Picture this: a studio decked out like something straight out of Sherwood Forest. It’s all about setting the mood and immersing players in that Robin Hood vibe.
  • Up to x5000 Multipliers: Hold onto your hats because there’s a bonus multiplier that can seriously beef up your winnings. It’s like hitting the jackpot within a jackpot!
  • Easy-Breezy Interface: No complicated stuff here. The game’s interface is user-friendly, making it a breeze for both players and partners to jump right in.

Hovhannes Tadevosyan, Imagine Live’s head of marketing, sat down with Focus Gaming News to spill the beans on what players can expect from “Robin The Fair.”

He said the game’s all about channeling the generosity and adventure of Robin Hood. The studio? It’s decked out to transport you right into Sherwood Forest, with props and vibes that scream Robin Hood.

When it comes to marketing, they’re all about keeping it simple and fun. They’re hitting up social media, partnering up, and teasing folks with the promise of an epic gaming experience.

And check this out: the game’s not just about picking cards. They’ve thrown in some crazy multipliers that amp up the excitement.

Imagine Live’s goal? Keep the show fresh and thrilling with new content and surprises.