MONOPOLY Live – One of Evolution’s most successful game shows!

The perfect combination of the wheel of fortune and the board game we all loved in the 1990s. Find out how to play Mr. MONOPOLY and win up to €500,000!


Provider: Evolution,

RTP (Return to Player): 96.23%


Features: Multiplier Re-Spin Bonus Game


Minimum Bet: €0.10, Maximum Bet: €5,000, Maximum Win: €500,000

MONOPOLY Live is a game show that combines the Wheel of Fortune format with the legendary board game Monopoly, two very popular names with a long history behind them, known to practically everyone.

The provider Evolution has seen fit to revisit the Dream Catcher wheel by adding some characteristic elements borrowed from the most popular board game of all time.

But what about the end result? All that remains is for you to read on in our review, where we will review the crucial points of MONOPOLY Live and how they work, from the win multipliers to the 3D bonus game.

What is MONOPOLY Live?

MONOPOLY Live is an exclusive version of the popular wheel of fortune, developed by the now leading Live Casino company aka Evolution.

Compared to the original Dream Catcher, the MONOPOLY Live wheel of fortune recalls the aesthetics and boxes of the famous table game, while maintaining the structure with 54 segments, all of equal size. And in addition to cash winnings and multipliers, players also have access to a special bonus round in 3D graphics, starring the mascot Mr. MONOPOLY. But more about this in the following paragraphs.

How to play MONOPOLY Live?

To play you must place your bet on the segment where you think the wheel will stop after the presenter spins: 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS. All segments, with the exception of CHANCE, appear on a grid with the corresponding coloured bets.

You can place a bet on all six available options, which correspond to the segments on the wheel. Below you can see the distribution of numbers on the wheel and the corresponding payouts:

If the wheel stops in one of the CHANCE, 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS segments, new winning opportunities open up. CHANCE gives access to a cash prize or a multiplier, while 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS activate the bonus round.

The CHANCE segments on the wheel are the equivalent of the probability cards found on Monopoly.

Mr. Monopoly, who watches the action carefully from his seat during the base game, will announce the prize you are entitled to: a sum of money or a random multiplier of the current bet. The latter will be applied to the eventual winnings of the next spin. If you win again on the next spin, your multiplier will be multiplied in turn.

For example: if a player bets €100 on segment 5 and gets a CHANCE card with an 8x multiplier, then he will win €100 x 8 x 5, which in total makes €4,000.

MONOPOLY Live payout table

Number on the wheelNumber of segmentsPayout
CHANCE2Cash Prize / Random Multiplier
2 ROLLS3Activates bonus game and awards 2 dice rolls
4 ROLLS1Activates the bonus game and awards 4 dice rolls

3D Bonus Game

The MONOPOLY Live bonus game is an adventure through the world of the famous board game, rendered in 3D graphics.

In this round, you will find the same layout as in a normal Monopoly game and the same squares: the streets and squares, the Free Parking, the Railways, the Taxes, the Prison/Transit, the Odds, and the Contingencies.

To participate in this bonus round you must bet on either 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS (or both). If the wheel stops on one of these segments, then the bonus game will begin. Depending on the segment obtained on the wheel, you will get 2 or 4 throws of a pair of dice. If a throw produces two equal numbers, then you will be awarded an additional throw.

During the bonus game Mr. MONOPOLY can collect cash prizes, multipliers or even penalties.

The total winnings from the bonus game will be displayed and added to your bonus winnings. The bonus game ends when no more dice rolls remain. You then return to the base game.

Payout of Monopoly Live

The maximum winnable payout is €500,000, which can be reached with a lot of luck and, most importantly, a lot of multipliers.

Remember that the RTP percentage is a decent 96.23%.

Strategy for MONOPOLY Live

In our opinion, the best strategy to follow is to always include bets on the 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS segments. This is because the bonus round can give you quite high multipliers, which can quickly increase your overall winnings. You could also place some bets on the 5 or 10 segments as protection, leaving a window open for you to take advantage of some CHANCE multipliers.

Graphics and Sounds

The absolute highlight of MONOPOLY Live is certainly the bonus game, also in terms of graphics. In this round we move from the studio to a 3D virtual world based on the classic table game. The layout is very recognisable: there are roads, stations, contingency cards, taxes, free parking spaces and even a prison.

Accompanying the player is the friendly Mr. MONOPOLY, the businessman complete with bowler hat and moustache who has been the board game’s mascot for years. It is difficult to find so much attention to detail in other live casino games.

Similar Casino LIve games

Certainly one of the best game shows around, but the live lobbies of Italian online casinos still offer some interesting alternatives. Crazy Time, for instance, offers as many as four bonus rounds; or Dream Catcher, which offers many more options on the wheel. By clicking on our reviews you will discover all the pros and cons of these games and in which online casinos you will find them.


MONOPOLY Live offers a unique experience in the online casino scene.

What was in danger of being a mere Dream Catcher with a slightly different design is in fact a compelling game with its own personality, thanks to the hybrid of game show and RNG bonus rounds and the 3D graphics inserts.

To sum up Monopoly Live as ‘Dream Catcher + Monopoly’ is by no means wrong, but this time it should be emphasised that the end result is greater than the sum of the parts.